Hello and welcome to my website


My name is Michael Urquhart, and I love to turn a piece of wood into an art piece that will be the pride and joy to whoever takes a fancy to my work. Everything I create is handmade from the finest of exotic and European Hardwood. I pride myself on creating unique items, and even though I make an item more than once, no two pieces will ever be identical, as everything I create is made not from a plan, but from my own imagination. Wood is also a beautiful and unique material, which also contributes to every piece I create being as individual as the person buying my gifts. My goal has always been to show people who appreciate good quality handmade items, that although handmade items are more expensive than the mass produced products from factories, they will outlast any massĀ  produced item, and be of a far higher quality than any mass produced item on the market today. My nesting boxes are all handmade from Redwood Pine and treated with a water based stain which offers 5 years weather protection, and will not fall to pieces like most cheaper mass produced items. My wood turned plates and bowls are made from reclaimed wood from trees that have fallen down in storms or from local woodlands where they have been cut down by the foresters. I also use exotic hardwood, which has been sourced responsibly from managed forests from around the world. Wood is a beautiful and unique medium, from which I create my art work, so you may enjoy quality handmade gifts that will last for years.