Cornish Tin Mine Nesting Box
  • Cornish Tin Mine Nesting Box
  • Cornish Tin Mine Nesting Box
  • Cornish Tin Mine Nesting Box
  • Cornish Tin Mine Nesting Box


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The inspiration for this wonderful new home for our feathered friends comes from the various tin mines that can be found dotted around the Cornish coast. I have made the nesting box from 18 mm Redwood Pine. It has an easy access bottom door which can be opened simply by removing the front perch. (no tools required). The brickwork design has been carved into the wood and the nesting box is then protected with 3 coats of water based stains which is harmless to the birds. Inside the nesting box is left untreated, and on the inside of the bottom door I have printed the colour of the stains used to decorate the exterior of the nesting box. The chimney stack can be removed to allow access to the mounting bar for easy fixing to a tree or wall etc. The stains used should protect the nesting box for 4 years but a little light maintenance may be required around the hole, this is because the birds may peck away at the opening when nesting begins. Please copy and paste the following link into a new browser window to learn all about nesting boxes and where to situate them in your garden.

Height 42.5 cm 16.5 Inch. Width 23 cm 9 Inch. Depth 16 cm 6.25 Inch. Weight 2 Kg.

All sizes and weights are approximate.

Dimension (L x W x H) 30 x 20 x 50 Centimetre
Weight 2200 Gram